IBETIBET is a private non-profit making research institute able to provide cutting edge applied research and to support collaboration with the industry in the fields of Life Sciences and Biotechnology, providing laboratory, technical and consultancy services to many industries including biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, food, agro-industrial, or chemical industries. The IBET team has been working on anaerobic digestion processes for the treatment of wastewaters since 1987. Prof. Maria Reis, IBET team leader has published within the particular theme of anaerobic digestion  1 book chapter and 7 papers in peer reviewed journals and participated in 2 EU projects coordinated by IBET. The key step for IBET on the optimization of the two phase anaerobic digestion within the Phaseplit project is the acidogenic fermentation, which has a strong implication on the composition and productivity of biogas produced in the second stage. The IBET team has recently developed intensive research on acidogenic fermentation of various wastewaters (aiming at valorizing the produced acids towards polymers) and published a good track record of papers and participated in 3 EU projects.