TECNOLOGIAS AVANZADAS INSPIRALIA S.A. is a New Product Development company based in Madrid and founded in 2005. It is a successful NPD company which offers a 360° service that covers concept generation, innovation strategy, technology and product development, finishing with Market launch.

New Product Development process involves a number of complex steps such as the idea generation, product design, creation and marketing that must be completed before the product can be introduced to the market. NPD is essential to any business that must keep up with market trends and changes.

Our mission is to develop new products for our clients to improve their sustainability and benefit the Society.

Nowadays, innovation advice, strategic management, technological support during product development as well as finding adequate partners, distributors or potential customers are becoming more and more important solutions for our clients.

Therefore, right from the start we approach each of the projects from a 360° perspective, however take our clients through the process gradually, with the objective to align the product development with your business strategy.

During the project, clients receive extra value regarding strategic alliances for your company or product, financial leverage and all the support you may require during the project management.

Our process has been carefully designed to achieve the desired time-to-market, to minimize development costs and maximize the commercial success of the novel product.

Inspiralia has been selected by PhasepliT SMEs based on its sound expertise inComputational Simulation and Control Systems. INSP credentials can be seen in its successful participation in European projects such as ROTOFAST where a full system for induction inrotomoulding machines was designed through CFD or EPOSBED where an Intelligent ArticulatedBed Control System was developed to help impaired patients at hospitals.

INSP also works with Supervisory control systems (SCADA): detailed parameters of the plant are showed on the PLC screen to be controlled in an intuitive screen by the supervisor and different users. EN-X-OLIVE, PROMETHEUS, EFFICIENTHEAT and ADAW are their best proofs.