Sumol+Compal Marcas, S.A



The two major national names in high turnover beverages in Portugal joined forces in 2008. The result was SUMOL+COMPAL. A new future began towards even greater success.

SUMOL+COMPAL, SA is the parent company of this new corporate reality. It is the company responsible for areas transversal to the whole group, and provides backing for SUMOL+COMPAL MARCAS, SA, to SUMOL+COMPAL DISTRIBUIÇÃO, SA and to Sasel – Sociedade de Águas da Serra da Estrela, S.A.. Its responsibilities include the strategy, organisation, planning, control and reporting, and monitoring the work of operations in the different companies as well as communication and representation. It is also responsible for managing franchising contracts and property management.

This is a company that is proud of its past heritage and faces the future with optimism and confidence. We are a Portuguese company with Portuguese and represented brands and it is our very nature that inspires us. All that we do has our public in mind. It is in our nature to do everything we can for people.

With this in mind, we have built up our team and we believe we will continue to bring surprises. It is in our nature to refresh and bring pleasure. We intend to go on doing this for many years to come.



The mission of SUMOL+COMPAL MARCAS, SA is to manage the brands of our corporate group. To this end we will create new combinations, new products and new brands. Our major concern is to guarantee and give rise to further refreshment and well-being.

Our corporate team has a vast amount of know-how and experience in all areas of the business: monitoring and on-going market studies, particularly consumer studies, to identify opportunities to be able to develop new products, know-how in the most recent research and production technologies, brand management and developing franchising operations.

Based on this know-how, we aim constantly to guarantee consumer satisfaction, surprising the consumer with our capacity to innovate and provide pleasure and well-being with our brands of fruit drinks, cold beverages, waters, bears and energy drinks. Included in our portfolio we have, among others, the brands Sumol, Compal, B!, Pepsi, 7Up, Um Bongo, Água Serra da Estrela, Frize, Gatorade, Tagus and Grolsch.
Sumol+Compal has 4 production plants in Portugal and one in Boane, Mozambique.
In Almeirim it is concentrated the production of soft drinks – juices, nectars, still soft drinks and canned vegetable production, tomato derivatives, tomato concentrate and fruit pulps.

This plant was thoroughly reorganised and modernised beginning in 1998 up to its official inauguration on 7 July 2003. An investment of over 43 million euros was made to provide the industrial structure with greater production capacity, along with a more operational environment, improving quality, safety and hygiene, all of which are intrinsic values in conducting the business.
With a total covered area of 40,000 m2 and an annual production capacity that rose from 75,000 tons/year to 160,000 tons/year, the Almeirim plant is prepared to produce a total of 250,000 tons/year.

These are the main brands produced in Almeirim:

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The Pombal Industrial unit is located between Leiria and Coimbra. It is responsible for producing the brands Sumol, Seven UP, Pepsi, Tagus, Lipton Ice Tea and Guaraná Antarctica, among others.
Currently it has a production volume for soft drinks and beer of over 200 million litres/year, in a total of around 300 referential systems.
Covering a total area of around 70,000 m2 and with an installed capacity of 2 million litres/day, Pombal’s industrial unit currently has 10 filling lines in operation and a staff of around 250.

These are the main brands produced in Pombal:


















 The natural carbonated water used in the Frize brand, is bottled at the bottling plant located at Vila Flor, Trás-os-Montes.
The spring water used in Água Serra da Estrela, is bottled at the bottling plant located at Gouveia, Serra da Estrela.



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