SARL Distillerie BEL

BELSince 60's Distillery Bel is located in South of France (Languedoc). They process by-products of wine making brought by surrounding wine growers (20.000 tons of grape pomace and 15.000 hL of lees of wine per year). 22 persons work in this private distillery during the year and 30 persons more incorporate during grape harvests (end of August until beginning of October. Distillery Bel produces alcohol from grape and lees of wines. Extracted by distillation, the alcohol produced can be sold on the raw alcohol market if it is grape alcohol or on the "eaux de vie" market (spirit) if it is wine alcohol. We also produce purple-red grape skin extract used by Food Industry (E163ii) for drinks, dairy products, etc. Calcium tartrates are extracted from lees of wines by a chemical reaction and contains 50% of tartaric acid. Grape seed oil is separated by mechanic operation after pressing. With storage capacity of 63.000 Hl and 8.000 tons of grape pomace and 25 tanks for "diffusion" (Grape pomace washing), Bel Distillery can process 300 tons of grape pomace by day. His red grape skin extract workshop is composed of 2 concentrators with an evaporation capacity of 5t / hour. Bel Distillery can produce 2.5 tons of grape seeds and 2 tons of compost per hour. Finally, we can distil to 10 Hl of pure Alcohol per hour