PhasepliT project develops a decentralised wastewater reactor system customised for its installation at small and medium Food and Drink companies. Based on two-phase anaerobic process  and expert control system this technology will allow these companies to comply with current restrictive EU regulations and to reduce organic pollution in rivers. SMEs will be able to afford PhasepliT thanks to lower investment cost that current solutions and savings in gate fees and energy consumption re-using the biogas produced. Phaseplit aims:

  • Maximizing biodegradable COD removal from wastewater in the F&D highest priority sectors (Fruit & Vegetables, Fish & Seafood and Drinks).
  • To cover its own energy consumption and  generate a surplus of renewable electricity and heat for the SME
  • To minimizes the pay-back period

The project is supported by the Seventh Framework Program for the benefit of SME´s.




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